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Delta Electra-Pro Ultraviolet Sterilizers

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in ultraviolet Technology for the pond!

There are many ultraviolet sterilizers available on the market today. However, there are only 2 or 3 that stand out above the rest. And of those we have been distributing the very dependable Delta EP Series sterilizers since 1998. The Electra Pro UV employs a full 6" stainless steel disinfecting chamber and will accommodate the increased flow rates of today's high volume filtration systems, and utilizes high intensity lamps. This power increase along with the increased exposure time of the large diameter bodys means that a single lamp will treat a pond of 5,000 to 40,000 gallons, rather than using up to 6 lamps in a competitive model once per year, at not so cheap of an annual bulb maintenance price tag. The Delta lamp will perform for 13,000 hours at excellent efficiency. That is just over a year, with only one lamp to replace when the bulb expires. Although some of the larger lamps are not at first glance cheap. They are phenomenally cheaper than having to replace as many as 6 lamps of a competitive models.
For those of you who are interested in the technical information please read on. The ultraviolet wavelength for germicidal lamps is 253.7 nanometers. Lamps which emit this wavelength are known as ultraviolet germicidal lamps. This ultraviolet light is radiated at energy levels which are rated in micro-watts per second. NOTE: The Electra Pro's high intensity output lamp along with the stainless steel reflecting chamber provides a total of 90,000 micro-watts inside the chamber. That is 90,000 micro-watts per second. In order to destroy microorganisms we must expose the microorganism to the micro-watts for a minimum of one second. There are many factors that contribute to the effectiveness of ultraviolet light in this type of disinfecting. There are two main factors that affect the "kill factor" with this type of sanitation. Water flow or exposure time and water clarity. Water flow and exposure time go hand in hand so we will address this combination as exposure time. The amount of time needed for destruction of any microorganism is based upon a certain micro-watts for a minimum of one second.
For Example:
The maximum turnover rate for the average pond is once per hour and a minimum of once every four hours. Using a pond size of 6,000 gallons (including the water in the filtration system) and a turnover rate of once every two hours, we would need a pump capable of pumping approx. 3000 gallons per hour or 50 gallons per minute. Remembering we need an exposure time of one (1) second in order to kill the algae and micro-organisms, the Delta EP-5 for ponds to 5,000 gallons, would produce an exposure time of 1.35 seconds. Which is 30% more exposure than necessary to get the job done.
Electra Pro Exposure Time @75 Gallons per Minute Flow Rate
Delta Model Shell Volume Flow Rating Base Exposure Time
EP-5 1.69 Gal. 75 Gpm 1.35 seconds
EP-10 3.11 Gal. 75 Gpm 2.48 seconds
EP-20 3.65 Gal. 75 Gpm 3.65 seconds
EP-40 4.74 Gal. 75 Gpm 4.74 seconds
Micro-Organism Kill Rates for Ultraviolet Energy levels at 253.7 Angstrom Units Wavelength
Required for 99.9% Destruction of Various Microorganisms in Micro-Watt Seconds
Pay close attention to the Micro Watt Second exposure for the kill rate of Algae
and compare that to the other pathogens. Killing algae is just one benefit of Uv Sterilizers!


Virus Name

MWS Kill Exp.

Algae: Chlorella Vulgaris Chlorella Vulgaris 22000mws
Protozoa Nematode Eggs 92000mws
Pritozoa Paramecium 20000mws
Virus Bacteriophage E. Coli 6600mws
Virus Hepatitis Virus 8000mws
Virus Influenza Virus 6600mws
Virus Polio Virus 21000mws
Virus Rotavirus 24000mws



Bacteria MWS Kill Exposure   Bacteria MWS Kill Exposure
Aeromonas 3620mws   Agrobacteria Tumefaciens 8500mws
Bacilus Anthracis 8700mws   Bacillus Magaterium 2500mws
Ceratomyxa Shasta 30000mws   Clostridium Tetani 22000mws
Esherichia Coli 7000mws   Legionella Bozemanii 3500mws
Legionella pneumophila 3800mws   Leptospira Interrogans (Jaundice) 6000mws
Mycobacter Tuberculosis 10000mws   Proteus Vulgaris 6600mws
Salmonella Enteritidis 7600mws   Salmonella Typhosa (Typhoid) 6000mws
Staphylococcus 7000mws   Shigella Dysenteriae1 (Dysentery) 4200mws
Streptococcus 8800mws   Vibrio Cholerae 6500mws
This table of micro-organisms is by all means not complete, but renders a picture of the effectiveness
of ultraviolet sterilization for pond and or living environments, and also indicates a much greater importance
for a UV sterilizer than just killing algae.

Ultraviolet Sterilization is a proven, dependable and effective method for controlling and eradicating suspended algae spores, and bacteria in pond water. Ultraviolet light alters or disrupts the DNA and RNA of target organisms, and wipes them out.

Select the Delta - EP Series UV sanitizer sanitizer that is the perfect fit for your pond, water feature or culture, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your EP Series UV unit is automatically sanitizing the water all the time. For mere pennies a day, the EP Series UV Stainless Steel sanitizer delivers the highest water quality without any effort on your part.

With simple incorporation in the water feature’s equipment system, and powered from a standard 120V plug-in power connection, EP Series UV installation is a snap. With a 13,000 hour (1 year) UV lamp life, routine maintenance is reduced to a simple 15 minutes annual bulb change. UV system size selection is based upon a cross between the the output flow rate of the circulation pump and the turnover rate and size of your pond. The sizing chart below shows the maximum gallons per minute (GPM) flow rate for each EP Series UV model.

The table below is the factory disenfection table. While it is a reference, the tables above are more readily understandable.

Ultraviolet disinfection EP RANGE SPECIFICATIONS
Model Max.
Flow Rate
Flow Rate
Performance in millijoules per
cm2 at actual recommended flow
UV lamp
Diameter of
Total height Inlet/Outlet
PVC union
EP 5 26 6 30mJ/cm² 40 psi - 3 bars 1 x 30W 6" - 150 mm 17.5" - 444 mm 2" - 63 mm
EP 10 53 12 30mJ/cm² 40 psi - 3 bars 1 x 58W 6" - 150 mm 24.5" - 622 mm 2" - 63 mm
EP 20 70 16 30mJ/cm² 40 psi - 3 bars 1 x 80W 6" - 150 mm 38.6" - 981 mm 2" - 63 mm
EP 40 80 18 30mJ/cm² 40 psi - 3 bars 1 x 90W 6" - 150 mm 45.8" - 1164 mm 2" - 63 mm